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The INTRACOM Business Transformation Solution Framework

INTRACOM offers you the most cutting-edge technological solutions available on the market by fusing exceptional technical know-how with attentive customer care.

We assist you in maximizing your business via the integration of business and IT strategy. For their most important technological requirements, our clients may turn to a single source thanks to our multidisciplinary approach.

The Service Engagement Methodology

We provide in-depth advising, strategy meetings, and evaluations up front. From there, we offer proofs-of-concept, product vetting and suggestions, planning, and architecture development.

Once we have reached consensus on the plan, we begin the deployment, implementation, migration, and optimization processes with the aid of highly skilled, qualified experts. Training, technical and operational support, and people as needed are all included in our implementations. Solution deployment options include on-premises, hybrid, cloud-based, or through a completely managed service, depending on what is appropriate for your firm. To guarantee that the solutions we build continue to achieve
the results you anticipate, whether they be an improvement in KPIs or an efficient ROI, we also offer extensive support, adoption, and customer experience initiatives.

Our customers are treated like family at INTRACOM. Because every member of the INTRACOM team is dedicated to guaranteeing your success, we’re available for you whenever you need us. We value long-term relationships and put in great effort every day to gain your trust. You are supported by a large support team and a single point of contact throughout your partnership with INTRACOM.

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